20 de agosto de 2021

Infografia que habla sobre la solidificación de metales. Esta infografia tiene imágenes donde se alcanza a apreciar las diferentes zonas de solidificación que se dan en un molde

Do you know solidification of metals?

Pure Metals A pure metal solidifi es at a constant temperature equal to its freezing point, which is the same as its melting point. The melting points of pure metal are well known and documented. The process occurs over time called a cooling curve. The actual freezing takes time,  called the local solidification time in casting, during which the metal’s latent …

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Infografia que habla sobre el rol que tienen los diagramas de Pourbaix en la corrosión. Los diagramas de Porbaix son una herramienta muy importante para nuestro laboratorio metalúrgico y de corrosión

Role of Pourbaix diagrams in corrosion

In general, thermodynamics is an excellent starting point for many corrosion studies, and potential – pH diagrams are essential tools. For this reason, Pourbaix  diagrams continue to be developed for interpreting corrosion studies in specific systems of engineering importance.  As every good engineer knows, however, predictions must be tested experimentally and validated before using them, …

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